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servizio fotografico neonato


the family photo shoot has a unique value, to remember the happy moments, stop them and keep them forever.

Witness the precious bond of your families,  but above all a fun time to spend with loved ones, hug, play, laugh and live  beauty and spontaneity of in a special moment in everyone's life, children of all ages, but also of parents, grandparents, uncles.....

All this is in our hands, we have a very important task, that's why we study with dedication, we look for the most suitable atmospheres, locations, we make a careful selection of stage accessories,_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_we treat with love every shot, we dedicate ourselves to a careful post-production to treat your memories with respect

servizio fotografico bambini e neonati


A photo shoot dedicated to newborn children, because they will remain so small, delicate and extraordinarily pure for such a short time, e in a few days they will change completely, they will grow so fast that it will be important to have stopped time and immortalized the first moments of life together. Newborn children, as is known, still retain that bodily elasticity which allowed them to grow in the womb. The positions they manage to assume - at first sight real feats of contortionists - make them wonderful subjects for artistic images which make albums of memories unique.



the first two weeks of life are ideal,6-8 days it's the perfect time. However within 10 days following the birth of your baby. At that stage they are still "uterine" and elastic and it is easier and more natural to position them as they did when they were in your belly. moreover, the very first days sleep much more easily. After the first few days, newborns tend to sleep less, not curl up so easily and acne and colic can cause some discomfort.

Respecting this deadline is important for the success of the service.



The sessions vary from one child to another, there is no rush or even time limits, to allow the child to adapt and relax, to be changed, nursed and pampered. Photographing newborns requires patience, listening, sensitivity, the art of waiting. The service can take up to 4 hours, it is the baby who determines the duration! It is important that parents and little one feel calm and at ease in order to convey their serenity to the little one.



A couple of weeks for me to process the images and you will be given a link   to access a gallery where you can view thumbnails of the images and share them with friends and family.

Another 2 or 3 weeks for pressings and about 5 weeks for albums.

I post your images, with attention and dedication, to create works full of sweetness.

I prefer quality over quantity.

Create unique images. Your children and family are unique in your eyes and so are I. In order to be able to dedicate myself carefully to each newborn and baby I photograph, I limit the number of services I carry out each month. The services must therefore be booked. For any doubt or clarification do not hesitate to contact me.!


The ideal isbook your service during pregnancy. I will take into account your estimated date and the fact that the birth of a baby cannot be predicted exactly!

servizio fotografico di famiglia, foto di famiglia


During the photo shoot dedicated to children, I don't like posing, but I try to create spontaneous situations in which emotions and smiles emerge....

I rarely work in the studio, I prefer to organize sessions in outdoor places, where running and playing will help me capture spontaneous and funny expressions; In case of adverse weather conditions, I prefer photographing children at home, a familiar environment where they feel more at ease and free to move. You will discover a photo shoot, it will be a fun game, we will run, dance, laugh, sing. Moments of pure happiness that will remain forever , fixed in images of high technical and creative quality.

servizio fotografico neonato
servizio fotografico neonati
servizio fotografico neonati


Motherhood is a precious moment in a woman's life, the pinnacle of femininity, in which the body takes on wonderful shapes welcoming a new life.

Beautiful shapes and emotions to remember over the years and a testimony also important for children, to let them know how much they were already loved and desired from the beginning.

the best period to carry out the pregnancy photo shoot is between the 30th and 36th week of gestation (no later than the 38th).


If you want absolutely spectacular images and you feel like buying clothes for the occasion, here is a site of Dutch artists who create real masterpieces to buy for your photo shoot:

servizio fotografico bambino

how to BOOK

Ask me for availability!

you can reserve the service by sending me an e-mail.

at the address:

or through the contact forum of this site.

If we don't respond immediately, please be patient, we have many requests and many messages to respond to and when we are busy in the services it happens that we stay a little late with the correspondence.

Contact me for a personalized quote!

servizio fotografico maternità e gravidanza


The choice of clothing is fundamental in the creation of particular and artistic images. It is important to avoid logos, writings or drawings that can be distracting elements or too many combinations of colors and tones that are too dark.

You can take advantage of all the accessories in my possession, and which I have specially made by hand, suitable for even the youngest children.

You can evaluate different solutions based on the service and possibly bring them to view so that I can help you choose.

Feel free to bring your own accessories, hats, scarves, toys, knit covers or other items that are important to you and your family. If you have ideas and would like to discuss them, I am always available by e-mail.

book fotografico bambino
servizio fotografico bambini
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